Working at OTTCO

As a new and rapidly growing company, we always have one eye on the future. The faster we grow, the more opportunities emerge for dynamic, ambitious and talented professionals. We work in an increasingly competitive and challenging industry, so we value innovative and flexible thinking above all else.

Our employees are both qualified and capable professionals in whom we recognise a passion to succeed and drive our organisation forwards. This passion exists at every level of the company, from our storage facilities to our senior management. It is a common theme and the cornerstone of our operational excellence.

Our values

The OTTCO team maintains a commitment to four core values. These values are evident in every task we perform, whatever its size or importance.


We are honest, open and fair in our relationships with employees, customers and suppliers


We show respect to our fellow citizens, our partners and our environment


We aim to be highly professional in all we do, delivering on our commitments on time and on budget


We are responsive and we move quickly but we always consider safety first

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