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OTTCO and Port of Duqm Company inked two Agreements regarding the usufruct and berth operation licence of liquid terminal

Muscat, 31 March 2021

OTTCO facilitates the uninhibited
flow of oil to the world

Strategic location of Ras Markaz

Minimum sailing days
Minimum sailing days
Minimum sailing days
Minimum sailing days
Minimum sailing days

Oman is a beacon of political and social
stability in the Middle East

Excellent infrastructure

The Sultanate of Oman has invested significantly in its domestic infrastructure, and has created an environment in which commerce, tourism and society are thriving.

Investment in future growth

The Sultanate of Oman is boosting its capacity for international trade. Nowhere is this more apparent than in its commitment to diversifying its oil & gas industries.

A harmonious society

The Sultanate of Oman is a place where people of all nationalities and beliefs live in harmony with one another. Oman is a stable country that has evolved as a beacon of stability on the back of cooperation and tolerance.

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Floating Storage

Ras Markaz
Crude Oil Park

Floating storage

Floating storage is now ready

OTTCO has the permit to launch floating storage as an interim solution for its customers ahead of the commissioning of the Ras Markaz Crude Oil Park. Customers are able to store over 2 million barrels of Oman Export Blend Crude Oil on board a VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) at Mina Al Fahal, Muscat, Oman.

The flexible and dynamic nature of our floating storage facility is characteristic of the approach that we are taking to our onshore projects.

2 m barrels

2 million barrels of crude oil storage capacity

Our values

As a corporate entity, OTTCO adheres to a set of important and clearly articulated values. We are...






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Working at OTTCO

As a new and rapidly growing company, we always have one eye on the future. The faster we grow, the more opportunities emerge for dynamic, ambitious and talented professionals. We work in an increasingly competitive and challenging industry, so we value innovative and flexible thinking above all else.

Our employees are both qualified and capable professionals in whom we recognise a passion to succeed and drive our organisation forwards. This passion exists at every level of the company, from our storage facilities to our senior management. It is a common theme and the cornerstone of our operational excellence.